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I’m co-hosting the first SATURDAY WRITE FEVER on March 23, save the date!

A fun writing and performance party that creates a one-night-only, on-the-spot instant theater festival?
You’re invited, either to participate and artmake with us or watch the madness ensue?
It’s free?
You can order a champage cocktail at the bar for a reasonable price?
You can also get a cheap beer?
Say what?
Say uh-huh.
I’m super-excited to announce the launch of SATURDAY WRITE FEVER. Continue reading

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ZEUS wins the 2012 SEBATA for “Best New Script”

My latest piece, the 50 minute feminist Ke$ha-meets-Sophocles remix play “Zeus,” just won the 2012 SEBATA for Best New Script!  I was super-surprised and flattered, especially by what award founder Stuart Bousel had to say about my work: Continue reading

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Weather Forecast in the Tiny Zoo: Cloudy with a Chance of Realness

Whew.  It’s almost December.  I miss you, blog.  Wondering how things are going in that pristine writing environment I set up a few months ago, my tiny zoo for dangerous ideas?

Well.  Check it out.  Here’s the zoo: Continue reading

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Where The Magic Happens: A Tiny Zoo For Dangerous Ideas

Today, for the first time in the fully-nomadic creative history of Megan Cohen, I set up a dedicated workspace.  Some might call it a writing desk, I call it A TINY ZOO FOR DANGEROUS IDEAS.

Here’s quick snapshot, and some thoughts about Why These Things, and Why This Way, and the weird voodoo (and pseudo-voodoo) elements of having a dedicated workspace: Continue reading

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“BEEEEAAR” at Theater Pub: Behind-the-Bear Article Round-up!

It’s been super-extra-ultra-fun having my piece “BEEEEEAAR!” in San Francisco Theater Pub’s Pint-Sized Play Festival this July.  For the behind-the-bear scoop on the show and its process, check out these links: Continue reading

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Audience Reactions to “BEEEEEAAR!” on Opening Night at SF Theater Pub

Allison Page as The Bear, photo by Erin Maxon

Allison Page as The Bear.
(Photo by Erin Maxon,

Okay, if you are near San Francisco, you should just seriously really come to SF Theater Pub’s Pint-Sized Plays, July 16-31.

It’s free, it’s in a bar, and I’m super-duper happy with how the team did my script “BEEEEEAAR!” (a solo play about a dancing bear who drinks beer).  My piece is one of 10 shorts that make for a very lively evening of theater.

Rather than tell you how much I love Allison Page’s performance as the titular Bear, or how Meg O’Connor is the ideal director for this play, I’ll let other people do it for me… here are a few actual audience reactions from yesterday’s opening night show.

We got the bystander, we got the heavenly shout-out, and we got a killer review.  Check it:

Continue reading

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What’s Worth Doing?

It’s my birthday tomorrow, and I’ve been thinking a lot about what’s, you know, worth doing.  At all.  Ever.  In life.  So, I did what I do, and I wrote about it.  Prepare for my totally unedited, shockingly comprehensive 8-point list of Things Worth Doing! Continue reading


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“Zeus” Resource Page, and First Reading Tonight!

In celebration of tonight’s event at Booksmith, where the cool performance troupe “Literary Clown Foolery” will be performing a canto from my new play-in-progress Zeus (commissioned for next year’s San Francisco Olympians Festival), I thought I’d put together a quick resource page about the play, to share the process and some of the ideas behind it. Continue reading

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