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Long Distance Relationship: Playwrighting in a Global Age

One of the best/worst reasons to be a playwright? Your work can be happening while you are 5,362 miles away. Continue reading


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“Brigadoom”… and 30 Neo-Futurist plays in 6 Neo-Futurist months.

What does today’s Scottish Independence vote have to do with the most surprising year of my artistic life? Continue reading

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Picking a pic for “Take Me Home: a One-Woman Odyssey”

It turns out that nothing makes a show feel more real in pre-production than press photos. Like, once you have committed your face to film, it’s HAPPENING. Continue reading


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HELEN press and process roundup! Hot Trojan-War Performance-Installation Media-Blitz Life-Lesson Action!

So, the two-weekend workshop of The Helen Project all the way back in May got some really sweet press, which I never posted here. D’oh! How silly is that? Pretty silly, yes? What should I do about it? Oh, I could go ahead and post those quotes now? Okay! Also, how did the workshop go, and what happened with the two different editions? Oh, I’d better lay that out too, because the second weekend was bananas, and taught me the kind of “valuable lesson” one might hear in voiceover at the end of an afterschool special! Continue reading

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The Last Beer In The World: My Epic Grail Quest in 10 Minutes, for Free, in a Bar!

Charles Lewis III as noble knight Sir DrinksALot in "The Last Beer in the World." Photo: Karen Offerins.

Charles Lewis III as noble knight Sir DrinksALot in “The Last Beer in the World.” Photo: Karen Offerins.

So, if this fabulous photo of Charles Lewis III as the noble knight Sir DrinksALot is not enough to convince you to come to see a free theater festival in a bar, I don’t know what would be.

The fact that my piece in the show is inspired by “Adventure Time,” “Sir Gawain and the Green Knight,” and “Monty Python and the Holy Grail,” perhaps? Continue reading

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“BEEEEAAR” at Theater Pub: Behind-the-Bear Article Round-up!

It’s been super-extra-ultra-fun having my piece “BEEEEEAAR!” in San Francisco Theater Pub’s Pint-Sized Play Festival this July.  For the behind-the-bear scoop on the show and its process, check out these links: Continue reading

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Audience Reactions to “BEEEEEAAR!” on Opening Night at SF Theater Pub

Allison Page as The Bear, photo by Erin Maxon

Allison Page as The Bear.
(Photo by Erin Maxon,

Okay, if you are near San Francisco, you should just seriously really come to SF Theater Pub’s Pint-Sized Plays, July 16-31.

It’s free, it’s in a bar, and I’m super-duper happy with how the team did my script “BEEEEEAAR!” (a solo play about a dancing bear who drinks beer).  My piece is one of 10 shorts that make for a very lively evening of theater.

Rather than tell you how much I love Allison Page’s performance as the titular Bear, or how Meg O’Connor is the ideal director for this play, I’ll let other people do it for me… here are a few actual audience reactions from yesterday’s opening night show.

We got the bystander, we got the heavenly shout-out, and we got a killer review.  Check it:

Continue reading

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My Dumplings Interview: “Breathless,” “Shameless,” “Like I’m Screaming One Last Message Out Before Being Hit By A Truck.”

Super-happy with this interview dramaturg Marissa Skudlarek did with me about “Three Little Dumplings Go Bananas.”  She asked great questions and made me sound really smart.  In the Dumplings interview we talk about sequels, television, the dumpling play that came to be, and the dumpling play that almost was.  Check out this exchange: Continue reading

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