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I’m co-hosting the first SATURDAY WRITE FEVER on March 23, save the date!

A fun writing and performance party that creates a one-night-only, on-the-spot instant theater festival?
You’re invited, either to participate and artmake with us or watch the madness ensue?
It’s free?
You can order a champage cocktail at the bar for a reasonable price?
You can also get a cheap beer?
Say what?
Say uh-huh.
I’m super-excited to announce the launch of SATURDAY WRITE FEVER. Continue reading

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Where The Magic Happens: A Tiny Zoo For Dangerous Ideas

Today, for the first time in the fully-nomadic creative history of Megan Cohen, I set up a dedicated workspace.  Some might call it a writing desk, I call it A TINY ZOO FOR DANGEROUS IDEAS.

Here’s quick snapshot, and some thoughts about Why These Things, and Why This Way, and the weird voodoo (and pseudo-voodoo) elements of having a dedicated workspace: Continue reading

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So, This is Happening.

imageHere’s what’s up with me right now.  What’s happening in your house?  Want to see if we can both finish our screenplays by the end of the month?  – Xoxo Megan

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