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I’m Profiled in Theater Bay Area Magazine!

TBA_keepaneyeonHey, lookit! I’m profiled in the Sept-Oct 2013 issue of Theater Bay Area Magazine!

I couldn’t be more pleased with Lily’s Janiak’s article about me; she manages to make actual coherent sense out of my life and work, which is no small feat.  Someone should give that woman a medal.

Opening line: “Since she emerged on the Bay Area theatre scene in 2008, playwright Megan Cohen has been an artist of both quality and quantity.”

Aw, shucks. (Little ol’ me?) You’re making me blush. (Don’t stop.)

xoxo -Megan

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Weather Forecast in the Tiny Zoo: Cloudy with a Chance of Realness

Whew.  It’s almost December.  I miss you, blog.  Wondering how things are going in that pristine writing environment I set up a few months ago, my tiny zoo for dangerous ideas?

Well.  Check it out.  Here’s the zoo: Continue reading

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What’s Worth Doing?

It’s my birthday tomorrow, and I’ve been thinking a lot about what’s, you know, worth doing.  At all.  Ever.  In life.  So, I did what I do, and I wrote about it.  Prepare for my totally unedited, shockingly comprehensive 8-point list of Things Worth Doing! Continue reading


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