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  • Julie (Stacy Ross) skis down Nob Hill in "Free For All."
  • Two women with dirty faces, messy hair, and fierce expressions stand shoulder-to-shoulder.
  • Dumplings lying in wait.
  • Julie (Stacy Ross) watches her cook John (Phil Wong), with house puppeteers Miyaka P. Cochrane and Charlie Gray. (Photo: Ben Krantz, 2019.)
  • Two women chomp carrots
  • Stacy Ross and Phil Wong celebrate the end of the world in "Free For All." (Photo: Ben Krantz, 2019.)
  • Megan Cohen rehearsing a play for the San Francisco Neo-Futurists at Boxcar Theater

Called “a ruthless innovator” (SF Weekly) and “one insightful and confident woman with a devilish sense of humor” (HuffPo), Megan Cohen (b. 1983) is also a fairly friendly playwright, opera librettist, game writer, and writing coach.

Julie (Stacy Ross) in "Free For All," flanked by house puppeteers Miyaka P. Cochrane and Charlie Gray. (Photo: Ben Krantz, 2019.)

More than one hundred scripts by Megan have been performed live onstage, from Midtown Manhattan to small-town Montana to…

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Poster for an opera festival featuring a wide open mouth in bright colors against a minimalist background.

Megan doesn’t speak Italian so she writes opera libretti in English, and it’s how she met Ruth Bader Ginsburg and the legendary rodeo champ…

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The menu screen for the iPad game Fashion Tale, featuring the title in whimsical white letters against a blue sky.


While writing and ghostwriting for games and interactive/digital media, Megan learns the weirdest stuff. Did you know that Ryan Gosling…

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Playwright Megan Cohen, a pale white woman with a dark pompadour haircut, sits at a writing desk surrounded by balloons and glowing lamps.

Megan loves to support and create community through writing. When she held a 24-hour Writing Marathon..

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Personal History (click buttons to expand)

Megan Cohen asking Dionysus to Bless her Performance of Take Me Home: A One-Woman Odyssey
“Take Me Home: A One-Woman Odyssey,” 2014. (Rehearsal video screencap.)
Performance Artist Megan Cohen poses in a formal white dress with plastic inflatable swimming floaties on her arms, carrying a massive nautical anchor larger than her.
Megan Cohen in “Take Me Home: A One-Woman Odyssey,” 2014. (Photo: Quincy Cardinale)

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Megan Cohen, a pale white woman with a dark pompadour haircut, smiles at the camera.

Create unforgettable work.
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Thank you for coming to my website! I made it myself, but put most of it in third-person to sound more “professional” since that is industry standard. Do you think it should be industry standard? I have mixed feelings about the idea of “professionalism.” I like that “professionalism” shows respect, but dislike that it creates distance.

“In the sui generis mind of theater artist Megan Cohen, silliness intermingles with oh-no-she-didn’t moxie; searing smarts blend seamlessly with surreal reverie and a bottomless capacity for feeling.” San Francisco Chronicle

Megan Cohen, a pale white woman with a dark bob haircut, looks directly at the camera. She smiles with a closed mouth.

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