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Word Choice in Dialogue: Whether the Weather

Someone walks up to you and says “I like this kind of weather.” Or, someone walks up to you and says “This is the kind of weather I like.” Then, the person walks away. Continue reading

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ZEUS wins the 2012 SEBATA for “Best New Script”

My latest piece, the 50 minute feminist Ke$ha-meets-Sophocles remix play “Zeus,” just won the 2012 SEBATA for Best New Script!  I was super-surprised and flattered, especially by what award founder Stuart Bousel had to say about my work: Continue reading

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Weather Forecast in the Tiny Zoo: Cloudy with a Chance of Realness

Whew.  It’s almost December.  I miss you, blog.  Wondering how things are going in that pristine writing environment I set up a few months ago, my tiny zoo for dangerous ideas?

Well.  Check it out.  Here’s the zoo: Continue reading

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“Zeus” Resource Page, and First Reading Tonight!

In celebration of tonight’s event at Booksmith, where the cool performance troupe “Literary Clown Foolery” will be performing a canto from my new play-in-progress Zeus (commissioned for next year’s San Francisco Olympians Festival), I thought I’d put together a quick resource page about the play, to share the process and some of the ideas behind it. Continue reading

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