No Audience Member Left Behind: Howard Gardner, Shakespeare, and Writing for Everybody

Yesterday, I heard a script for the first time, at the table reading with the cast of this commission I'm working on for young audiences. For a playwright, the first table reading is half Christmas morning and half job interview, full of explosive joy and barbarous self-judgement. It's got me thinking about Shakespeare, Sudoku, and "multiple intelligences." Continue reading

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All About a SATURDAY WRITE FEVER to Love and Fear!

This weekend, I return to hosting SATURDAY WRITE FEVER, the monthly writing party and instant-scripted-new-works theater festival I co-founded with Stuart Bousel! It was a 2014 San Francisco Magazine Best Of The Bay pick, and it's not quite like anything else I've done. Here are five reasons why: Continue reading

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60-Second Playwrighting Prompts: Write Now, Right Now

You got a minute? Give your playwrighting battery a jump-start with one of these 60 second prompts. Continue reading

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Long Distance Relationship: Playwrighting in a Global Age

One of the best/worst reasons to be a playwright? Your work can be happening while you are 5,362 miles away. Continue reading


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Word Choice in Dialogue: Whether the Weather

Someone walks up to you and says "I like this kind of weather." Or, someone walks up to you and says "This is the kind of weather I like." Then, the person walks away. Continue reading

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My 4 Favorite Online Writing Resources

Ever get stuck in your own brain when you're trying to be creative? Here are my Top 4 favorite online resources that help me shake things up when I feel like my mind is in a rut. Continue reading


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What Writing Really Looks Like

Writing doesn't always look like writing. When you hear the word "writing," what do you think of? A pen moving across paper, or maybe a clicking keyboard and a glowing screen? Do you think writing is the application of language to a page? If that's what you think of, you're half right... but you're also really wrong. Writing is not the production of words. Continue reading

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Grab the Nearest Protagonist

Right now, I'm in the middle of a play. Not in the middle of writing one. I'm IN a play, physically. Who's it about, who's the protagonist? What makes a "protagonist" anyway? Continue reading


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