Picking a pic for “Take Me Home: a One-Woman Odyssey”

It turns out that nothing makes a show feel more real in pre-production than press photos. Like, once you have committed your face to film, it’s HAPPENING.

Here are the top three shots from my nautical photo session with photographer Quincy Cardinale, who managed to do the impossible and take a photo of me which actually looks like me. In general, photos of me either look like “Megan makes a silly face” or “Megan looks skeptical that this photo will turn out well.”

I can’t decide which of these I like best:

Option #1:

Megan Cohen says "Take Me Home" for the Odyssey with a Tiny Boat

Yeah, that floaties trend, I’m all a-boat it.


Option #2:

Megan Cohen says "Take Me Home" to the Odyssey with a Huge Anchor

Anchors aweigh!


Option #3:

Megan Cohen says "Take Me Home" for the Odyssey by Blowing the Sail of a tiny boat

Thar me blows!


Which one makes you want to see the show? Comment here, facebook me, or tweet me with hashtag #MeganTakeMeHome to help me pick. I am too beautiful to have perspective, every time I try to choose I just get lost in my own eyes.
xoxo – Megan


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4 Responses to Picking a pic for “Take Me Home: a One-Woman Odyssey”

  1. Impressions:

    #1 the boat is taken care of, a woman figure is strong potentially heroic
    #2 the woman is navigating a challenging nautical journey, she probably comes out ok.
    #3 the boat is at risk- potentially there are gods or forces beyond- magic, humor, twists of fate

    Personally I’m liking 3 & 2 since there is more drama. 3 is my fav.

  2. christine

    i like All of them a lot… i prefer the first and third to the second. difficult to choose…

  3. Melissa

    #3, “Thar me blows!”, is the most provocative and intriguing of the lot. It’s prompting many questions, thus feeding the need for answers; “what’s happening/going to happen?” 🙂

  4. I like them all, but having seen the show’s first incarnation, I vote for #3, because it’s unexpected and active, somewhat whimsical and, well, it basically blows. But in a good way.

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