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HELEN press and process roundup! Hot Trojan-War Performance-Installation Media-Blitz Life-Lesson Action!

So, the two-weekend workshop of The Helen Project all the way back in May got some really sweet press, which I never posted here. D’oh! How silly is that? Pretty silly, yes? What should I do about it? Oh, I could go ahead and post those quotes now? Okay! Also, how did the workshop go, and what happened with the two different editions? Oh, I’d better lay that out too, because the second weekend was bananas, and taught me the kind of “valuable lesson” one might hear in voiceover at the end of an afterschool special! Continue reading

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A Great Play I Didn’t Write, And The Story Of My Only A+.

Want to watch a great play I didn’t write, right now?  Check out this fabulous video of kids performing the totemic avant-garde piece “Offending The Audience” by Peter Handke.

I’ve loved this play since studying it in college, me and a friend in the-world’s-most-intense-theater-seminar.  It was just the two of us (young, good haircuts, a little too cool for school) and the famous Carl Weber (old, bald, German and brilliant, Bertolt Brecht’s assistant director and right-hand man at the Berliner Ensemble), sitting on the couch in the famous Carl Weber’s office Monday and Wednesday afternoons. Continue reading

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