“What truly elevates it is Cohen’s language”: Dumplings in the SF Weekly

What a fabulous review of the 2012 Bay One Acts in the SF Weekly today… especially the part about me, and about the play I wrote, “Three Little Dumplings Go Bananas.”   Here’s a quote:

This production is gloriously theatrical, with flying sandwiches, breakdancing, and ground that’s made of lava.  But what truly elevates it is Cohen’s language. In her voice, the profane sounds profound.  She makes the phrase, “Shit’ll get so cray-cray you’ll poop in your freakin’ socks,” sound downright musical.

 Read the  SF WEEKLY review of the 2012 Bay One Acts which highlights critic Lily Janiak’s festival picks.

(Lily’s also a blogger– she has a site where she posts about shows, and about the life and art of being a critic– it’s called The Split End.)

Yeah buddy.  -xoxo Megan

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