Huffington Post calls me a “highly engaging raconteur”

Over at the Huffington Post, George Heymont posted a review of my first public preview of “A Totally Epic Odyssey.”  After watching my solo adaptation of Homer’s poem about life, monsters, and the search for home, he calls me:

“One very insightful and confident woman with a devilish sense of humor… Whether describing how not to manage the final moments of your escape from an angry Cyclops or explaining the dangers of socializing with lotus eaters, Cohen proved to be a highly engaging raconteur.”

I’m not going to disagree. I am not going to pick a fight with the media on this particular point. I am going to blush humbly, and then I am going to tell EVERYONE! Yeah! Here’s the review.

The preview he attended was a 90-minute “highlight reel” of some passages and threads from what will eventually be a 12-hour durational piece. I’ll be writing and performing this project for probably the next few years, so it means a lot that my first venture out of the house with this material was so warmly received.

And now… back to work! This Cyclops isn’t going to revise itself, ya know?- xoxo Megan

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