March 18th & March 24th: Two Scripts, Two Companies, Two Readings!

Let me lay it out for you straight.  No funny talk, no quirky metaphors, just the facts: fair and square, honest and true, live and in person.

Two of my full-length scripts are getting staged readings at really cool companies this month  (“The Actual Stuff” at SF Playhouse, and “Joe Ryan” at Impact Theater).


MARCH 18th – The Actual Stuff.

MARCH 24th– Joe Ryan.

Each one, I’m paired with a director I’ve never worked with before, who I’m really excited about.  Each one, I’m paired with some killer actors (Stacy Ross?!?!) whose work I’ve seen and admired.  Each one is for a script that I’ve been working on for a long time. (The first draft of “Joe Ryan” was in 2011; I started outlining “Actual” way back in 2006.)

So, how great is all that, right?  Totally great.  I’m sitting here, looking at a full day of rehearsal before tomorrow’s reading, and knowing that a few days later I’ll be able to jump right into another really tantalizing opportunity.
I’m thrilled.
I’m also simply, honestly, and completely ready to throw up.
Throw up? No way.  Haha, just kidding!  NO REALLY, I might.  Don’t worry, though, I’ll be fine; I’m not nervous or worried really, I’m just excited.  You know, like a kid on Christmas Eve!  Or like a playwright who’s about to unbutton her shirt and then unzip her ribcage, pull out her flabby and gooey and imperfectly human soul, and then rub it all over a bunch of people going “Does this work?  Does this work for you?  Do you like this view of the world?  Is this boring?”
‘Cause when you’re a playwright sharing a work-in-progress, you do just that– then you pause for a minute, and into the silence you whisper “And… is the pacing okay?”

It’s gonna be REAL, you guys!  You should come; everything’s free, and there are lots of jokes in both of these scripts, soaring poetry to give you feelings, plus there’s some death and even a bit of sex, too!  I am nauseous now, but on the day of either reading, I’ll be in a great mood, giving hugs and high fives, because once I get in the room I’ll stop being scared and self-absorbed and start enjoying the work of all the killer artists who are part of these evenings of theater.  Come enjoy it with me.


MARCH 18th – The Actual Stuff.

MARCH 24th– Joe Ryan.

xoxo, Megan

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