The Oath of Megan Cohen

I, Megan Cohen, playwright, friend to the meek, and transmedia cultural juggernaut, now begin this blog.  Here is my bloggers’ oath.

* I will post about projects I’m working on, about some of the people I’m working with, and about things I see and notice which make me be like “THAT’S THE JAM!”

* I will never post about “politics as theater,” photos of food I have ordered or cooked, or about anyone I am dating.

* I will post sometimes about The Writing Process, but only when I’ve discovered something that seems like it will be legit useful to other artists, not just when I have “a thought about the act of writing,” because eww.

* I might post the occasional smackdown, like when it seems really urgent to call out bad art that is trying to be naughty by sneaking around in good art’s clothing, or when I encounter barbaric professional practices which are important to document and recognize… but mostly this is a “thumbs-up” kind of place, not a venting place, because you are my guest here and I don’t yell at guests.

* Probably also I will occasionally link to really amazing stuff, like Homemade Star Wars.

* I will sign all my posts with my name, despite the fact that if you are reading them, you probably already know who I am.

Xoxo, Megan.

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