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My 4 Favorite Online Writing Resources

Ever get stuck in your own brain when you're trying to be creative? Here are my Top 4 favorite online resources that help me shake things up when I feel like my mind is in a rut. Continue reading


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A Great Play I Didn’t Write, And The Story Of My Only A+.

Want to watch a great play I didn't write, right now?  Check out this fabulous video of kids performing the totemic avant-garde piece "Offending The Audience" by Peter Handke. I've loved this play since studying it in college, me and a friend in the-world's-most-intense-theater-seminar.  It was just the two of us (young, good haircuts, a little too cool for school) and the famous Carl Weber (old, bald, German and brilliant, Bertolt Brecht's assistant director and right-hand man at the Berliner Ensemble), sitting on the couch in the famous Carl Weber's office Monday and Wednesday afternoons. Continue reading

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Megan Cohen is Astonished by the Internet

Just took a quick peek behind the virtual curtain, to check on my site logs-- here are the top ten cities my visitors are coming from this month.  What cool surprises!  Check it. Continue reading

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