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Natural Born Idea Killers: How To Edit, And What To Cut

So, okay, editing is important, and in my last post about writing I covered some tactics for “how” to edit your work, but I didn’t even touch the “what.”  When you’re editing… what do you cut?  How can you be sure what to cut?  It’s scary, no?  Okay, listen, I come bearing very comforting good news about this– we’re all natural born editors.  Let’s do a quick example, based on actual real life.  Warning: things are gonna get META for a second! Continue reading

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The No-Ego Edit: 3 Quick Hacks For Revising Your Writing

Editing is basically the undesirable step-child of writing; ugly, uncouth, a little more violent than you’d like, and rarely discussed in polite company.  When you write, you have to love your ideas, but when you edit, you can’t love everything or you won’t be able to brush away the clutter to reveal a landscape of clear, strong thoughts.

I am revising my screenplay right now.  To do it well, I have to be able to read a scene and say things to myself like “Nothing interesting happens in this scene.  Whoever wrote this scene was a very boring person.  Good thing I’m here to clean up the mess.”  I couldn’t be that honest if my ego were sitting in my lap, sobbing and choking out the phrase “I THOUGHT WE WERE SPECIAL.”

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How Being Featured on Lifehacker Made me Love Cheese (and Hate M.F.A. Programs) Even More

My writer’s block solution idea was featured on the Lifehacker blog!  It’s so cool that blogger Alan Henry saw it as a solution not just to writer’s block, but to stymied creativity in general… which got me thinking about cheese.  Check it.

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Writer’s Block: The Solution to Good Ideas

Writer’s Block is a luxury disease, like feeling too sweaty in your satin pajamas, or having a lobster allergy.  That’s not to say I don’t ever have Writer’s Block.  In fact I have it right now.  Sort of.  Let’s ask a quick question.

Question: Megan, how can you be actively writing 5 projects across 4 different media, for several hours every day, with fairly satisfactory progress, and still consider yourself blocked?


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Writing is Actually Doing Something

Whether I am writing a play or a game, I mostly use a computer, but in any process, there comes a moment when a computer just doesn’t have enough storytelling horsepower, and you gotta kick it old skool. Continue reading

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