Take Me Home: a One-woman Odyssey

Megan Cohen asking Dionysus to Bless her Performance of Take Me Home: A One-Woman Odyssey

("Take Me Home," Jun 2013)

Take Me Home (n.), a simple pick-up line. Take Me Home (n.), a solo stage adaptation of the Odyssey. Homer's waterlogged epic explodes into comic deconstruction. Megan Cohen (San Francisco's most produced female playwright, Neo-Futurist) battles for love and dignity, fighting against gods, monsters, herself, talking fruit and Cat Stevens. "Highly engaging" (Huffington Post).


Megan Cohen in "Take Me Home"

(Photo: Quincy Cardinale)

FOR FREE IN SAN FRANCISCO, CA JULY 2014 Boxcar Theater, 505 Natoma St, Friday July 18th, 11pm Run time: 50 minutes After the San Francisco Neo-Futurists perform "Too Much Light" at 9pm, I'll be popping up a quick one-night final SF preview before I head overseas. Come on down, or better yet, come to the Neos' group show and stay for mine afterwards. Woohoo! FOR FREE IN EDINBURGH, SCOTLAND, JULY-AUGUST 2014 George Next Door, space A, July 31st - August 24, (daily except Aug 4th), 8:45pm Run time: 1 hour. The Summer 2014 shows were brought to you by Lucy Tafler Presents... they were some of the first, but won't be the last!


"Best Theatre of 2013... If you know something better than a PBR-drinkin’ pixie retelling Homer’s Odyssey with a dance-break intermission, I’d love to hear it." -The "Thinking Man's Idiot" Blog "One very insightful and confident woman with a devilish sense of humor… Whether describing how not to manage the final moments of your escape from an angry Cyclops or explaining the dangers of socializing with lotus eaters, Cohen proved to be a highly engaging raconteur." -Huffington Post
"Take Me Home" at the SF Olympians Festival

"Take Me Home," Nov 2013 (Photo: Paul Anderson)


Over 2014-16, I'll be accepting gigs to perform different editions of the show (ranging from 15 minute shorties to a final 12-hour durational performance) in non-traditional spaces around San Francisco, CA. If you'd like to be kept abreast of future chances to see the show, email me, and I'll put you on the list of people to invite when I have pop-up shows that are open to the public. Or, go ahead and book me. Monday night in your living room, Sunday afternoon in your backyard, a brown bag lunchtime show for your office... if having a pop-up performance sounds like your idea of fun, contact me to explain where/when you're interested in hosting a show, and we'll go from there.