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(Saturday Write Fever graphic by Cody Rishell)

Saturday Write Fever in SAN FRANCISCO

June 10, 2017 at the Exit Theater Cafe, SF CA. 8:30pm, free.

{The monthly playmaking party I co-founded with Stuart Bousel is going strong in its 3rd year. On the 2nd Saturday of each month, come write with us, act with us, or watch with us. I'll be hosting this month's event, alongside the splendid Will Glad! More info.}  

Thirst Trap in SAN FRANCISCO

Oct 12, 2017 at San Francisco Olympians Festival, SF CA. 8pm, $10.

{A family made out of water lives in a bucket. Someone stares into it, dips her fingers into it, blows bubbles into it with a straw, and eventually drinks all of it. Sip by sip, she absorbs the members of this formless and possibly imaginary family into her own real body in a comic parable about yearning, quenching, sacrifice, and how we navigate our contradictory needs in the context of fluids.}

{I am going to do this show myself, so that I can write things into the script that I would never ask another performer to do. More info.}  

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