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(Saturday Write Fever graphic by Cody Rishell)

Saturday Write Fever in SAN FRANCISCO
Sept 10, 2016 at the Exit Theater Cafe, SF CA.
8:30pm, free.
{The monthly playmaking party I co-founded with Stuart Bousel is going strong in its 3rd year. On the 2nd Saturday of each month, come write with us, act with us, or watch with us. I won’t be hosting this time, but I will likely stop by for hi-fives!  More info.}

Jammer and Katz in SAN FRANCISCO
Sept 14, 2016 at Pianofight, SF CA
{My new short play about politics and the Billboard Hot 100 is popping up in the September edition of “Shotz!” More info.}

Megan Cohen Likes You

I would LIKE to share my work with you.

December 2016, NY NY.
{In Truest, Sam Shepard meets Thelma and Louise when we find two sisters in a kitchen. Smoking guns in hand, they’ve just slain the iconic brothers of fraternal drama True West. As these women pursue their own uniquely twisted American Dream in a landscape of canonical corpses, they dance an intricate psychological duet that leads us through a surreal terrain of wonder, danger, laughter, and yearning. I’ll be working on a new draft of my latest script-in-progress in a workshop in NYC. There will be a public presentation in early December; stay tuned for info!}


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