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Saturday Write Fever in SAN FRANCISCO
May 9, 2015 at the Exit Theater Cafe, SF CA.
8:30pm, free.
{A monthly playmaking party I co-founded with Stuart Bousel.  On the 2nd Saturday of the month, come write with us, act with us, or watch with us! I won’t be hosting this month, but it’s still going to be a great night– SWF is always a good time with good folks. Two years strong with this event, wow!  More info.}

Nov 11, 2015 at the Exit Theater, SF CA.
8:00pm, $10.
{As part of a night of shorts at the SF Olympians Festival featuring stories of “The Crew” of Argonaut heroes, I’ll be contributing a short play about the greatest musician and poet who ever lived. It’s a rad roster of writers including Ashley Cowan Leschber, Steven Westdahl, Seanen Palmero, Jennifer Roberts, and more! It’s kind of a hundred years from now, but maybe save that date… More info.}

Megan Cohen Dramaturg

I would LIKE to share my work with you! <3


Westbound: Pioneer Adventure
Do you like games?  I like games.  I’m a quest writer for this pioneer-themed freemium game, makin’ fun little stories for a cast of characters as they settle and build a gold mining town. Adorable. (Free Download)

Helen Project ONLINE
If you’re looking to wander in storyland for just a few minutes, visit the HELEN PROJECT: ONLINE EDITION, a free short interactive fiction experience I created as a companion to the “Helen Project,”a live performance collaboration with Amy Clare Tasker. The stage version is being workshopped in London this year, cool cool cool.

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